Brunch with a view (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

I can never turn down an invitation to brunch. And hell, I deserved it after the previous day’s half marathon walk.

I had a most perfect Sunday.
In the morning, I went to the Tokyo metropolitan photo museum to catch the annual World Press Photo exhibition. I go and see this religiously every year. The exhibition ends in Tokyo on Aug 4, so I finally got around to seeing it. Very sobering pictures. You should definitely go and check it out before it finishes.

I then met up with a friend for a late brunch (late lunch?) with a view – at the New York Grill on level 52 of the Park Hyatt hotel (of Lost in Translation fame). Awesome brunch was had. It’s basically a course that consists of a glass of champgane, unlimited bread, a gourmet appetiser buffet, a choice of main protein, a dessert buffet and tea and coffee. That’s a lot of food.

To our surprise we had scored window seats that look out over Tokyo:

From brunch, park hyatt

Time for Brunch:

From brunch, park hyatt

I could get used to this:

From brunch, park hyatt

The appetiser buffet is a spread of gourmet goods – cheese, smoked salmon, salads, prawns etc.

From brunch, park hyatt

And it’s all you can eat!
I managed to stop at one hefty-portioned plate.

For the brunch main, I opted for the Aussie lamb cutlets. It’s been yonks since I’ve eaten lamb cutlets.

From brunch, park hyatt

A nice leisurely brunch indeed.

Once you’re ready for desserts, they move you over to the lounge area where you can enjoy a pot of tea and the dessert buffet. I might add, that the lounge area is right near the buffet. Rather dangerous! In addition, you get a different angle view over Tokyo.

From brunch, park hyatt

I didn’t get through all the desserts, but I damn well tried:

From brunch, park hyatt

The highlight of the dessert buffet was the whole bowl full of gummi bears! I absolutely loved that at a 5-star hotel you could get your fill of gummi bears. Very classy. I’m rather obsessed with gummi bears. I dared to take a photo of them.

From brunch, park hyatt

I was suitably impressed with the service here too.

A very pleasant long brunch. Can’t complain of going hungry here nor the prime piece of real estate.

From brunch, park hyatt

Whilst it is a brunch, you won’t find traditional fare like waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict etc here. Nor is it cheap. But very reasonable and worth it for the quality. Reservations essential to secure a seat (tip: request a window seat if you can). Check the hotel website for the menu.

By the time we left at around 4pm, we were positively satisfied and full. Practically had to roll out the door!


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