Half marathon walk

I did a half marathon walk over the weekend. A walk, not a run.
It was part of one of the Tokyo Walk events. There were three different distances and I signed up for the longest one – 21km.
I figured it would be good training for the half marathon run that I have entered. I know, I should have learnt my lesson the first time around. Not only did I convince myself to do another half marathon run, but I’ve also managed to convince a friend to do it with me too. It will be her first half marathon.

A solid 21km walk in the stinky Tokyo humidity and heat was probably what I needed after eating my way through Seoul. I did the walk on my own. It was not a timed event. You could start whenever you like provided you made the checkpoints by certain time.

The starting point for the Tokyo Walk day:

From Half marathon walk
From Half marathon walk

The walk was completely flat. Yay. And most of it was shaded too. The first 8km was a river walk and the remaining portion was through streets and then along a cyclepath.
It was a very easy walk, albeit very long.

From Half marathon walk
From Half marathon walk

Found these awesome berry shrub:

From Half marathon walk

As it was not a timed event, I timed and mapped the distance on my iPhone:
A total of 21.68km in 4 hours and 13 minutes. That included a toilet stop at a conbini and lots of stopping at traffic lights through residential streets as well.

From Half marathon walk

Got a lot more training to do!
I can walk a half marathon distance. Now I just gotta run it!


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