Happy NEW year: 2013

Excuse the hiatus. Have been super busy since the end of last year. In a nutshell: finished up old job, went back home to Australia for two weeks, ate way too much, caught up with family and friends, busy, busy, busy, flew back to Japan, started new job and new firm the next day, getting familiar with new job, and have been away the last two weekends that I’ve been in Japan since coming back this year. So it’s that time of year again – – New year. New word. And the word for 2013 is…

From January 21, 2013

I’m going to focus on NEW things this year. The new year has started off with a NEW job. New work environment etc. Am also planning on moving apartments this year, so hopefully a NEW residence. I plan on trying NEW things, gaining new skills, new confidence etc. Maybe somewhat a bit of make-over year in terms of lifestyle. Nothing drastic. But sometimes change is good. Out with the old, and in with the new. Also need to lose me a few KGs. I’m at my highest weight ever. I ate all sorts of good stuff back in Oz, and have not found any time to exercise in the last couple of months! So I’ve got to do something about that. Time to focus on a new mindset and let go of the past. So here’s to a Happy NEW year for me…fingers crossed. Will have lots of posts forthcoming. Took way too many photos as usual during my trip back home.


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