Holy #flyingfuton

About a week or so ago, I came home to find my futon (Japanese-style mattress) on top of the Lawson sign!

From Flying Futon

I had done laundry that day, hung out the linen and aired out the futon over the balcony.
Came home later that night to make my bed with my newly-washed sheets, to find that my futon was missing. I assumed it had slipped and fallen down onto the balcony below, so at about 10pm on a Sunday night, I am running around my apartment building, knocking on the lower two apartments to ask my neighbours if my futon had fallen onto their balconies. Futon was not to be found. Where could it have gone? Quick check of the streets below, still nowhere.

Went and stood back on my fourth floor balcony, wondering where the hell it could have gone. I scanned high and low.
Lo and behold, my futon was on top of the Lawson sign! (Lawson being a chain convenience store, very much like a 7-11).

There was no way I was going to be able to get that down. How the hell it even got there in the first place is beyond me!
Had a most uncomfortable sleep that night with no mattress! And of ALL days that I had no mattress to sleep on, was the day I decide to swim 7km. Yes, 7km! That was a personal best distance for me. I have never swum 7km in my life but am doing some intensive swimming training at the moment. My shoulders were sore and I could have done with a good night’s sleep on a mattress.

In the morning I was able to take proper photos in daylight:

From Flying Futon

Air BnB anyone? Great views, great location, close to shops. Will even throw ya a free pillow!

From Flying Futon
From Flying Futon

My futon has seen bedder days.
Maybe it has an identity crisis, and thinks that it is an air mattress and not a futon.

It must have been a damn windy day for the wind to have lifted my futon up there.
I really do find it hard to believe how it could have gotten up there, and at no point having dropped to the ground. Gravity yo.

The yellow towel is my balcony. And the yellow towel is the exact spot where I had hung my futon over.
I thought that if anything, the futon would have slid and fell down. But somehow, it lifted up and got carried sideways and landed in the one most irretrievable spot, without ever falling and dropping to the ground at any point. I mean, that’s pretty amazing.Who was aiding and abedding this scheme?

From Flying Futon

I mean, seriously, it should have dropped and fallen to the ground at any point in time. Of all places, it had to land ON the sign.

From Flying Futon

My main concern was that one day, when – I don’t know, but one day, the futon was going to fall from the Lawson sign. Some unsuspecting person was one day going to be hit by a #flyingfuton. I kept imagining a poor pedestrian, or worse, someone on a bike, getting hit by a falling futon.

On the Monday night, it was still up there, so I went and bought a new futon.
And, of course, as luck would have it, my futon must have fallen down at some point on the Tuesday. Had I endured one more night without a mattress, I would have saved myself from buying a new one.

My housemate had messaged me during the day on Tuesday, telling me how windy it was over there. (Not sure if joking or serious. My #flyingfuton was the the butt of many a joke). I was at work on the other side of town. When I got back to my apartment on Tuesday night, someone had laid out my futon nicely outside the front fence of the apartment building. It must have fallen from the sign at some point during the day. And bless, Japan, someone has laid it out nicely outside the apartment building. Now my dilemma was how to take the futon without looking like some crazy homeless woman trying to steal a futon.

From Flying Futon
From Flying Futon

Yes, clearly winning at life these days.
I honestly do not know how these kinds of ridiculous things happen to me.

Thus ends the adventures of Aleisha’s #flying futon.