Ivy (Daikanyama) brunch

Been a while since I’ve done some dining reviews. Really need to get back into the brunching and high-teaing.
Seriously, where does the time go these days. I feel like I have no free time. Am also constantly super tired. Not getting enough sleep. Working is really getting in the way of living ne.

Here’s a brunch I did last month. The venue: Ivy. At Daikanyama, fancy, I know. Not an area I frequent much but would love to if I could afford it. It’s a wealthy part to Tokyo full of designers and expensive places and everyone who lives there has dogs. You know the kind of place, where there are cafes for pooches (ie dogs).

Reservations for Ivy are essential, otherwise be prepared to wait in the very long line to get in. Yours truly, of course, secured a reservation about a week in advance (due to someone else cancelling, as I got put on a waitlist). The venue was surprisingly really large with lots of different areas.

A glass of sparkling to whet the appetite:

From Ivy brunch

They do have an official breakfast menu for brunch, but it ends at 11am, so we had to choose from the lunch menu instead.

I had a craving for seafood pizza on this particular day. Just as well, I went for a jog that morning. Also shared some wedges.

From Ivy brunch

The pizza base was really light (more like a flatbread rather than a dough), not so bready, so there was room for dessert.
I didn’t hold back. Pancakes it was then.

From Ivy brunch
From Ivy brunch

Pricey for what it was considering it’s not gourmet food. And overrated. I don’t think I chose wisely from their food menu. You might do better with some of their other dishes. Dinner might be a better option but it’s not exactly cheap.


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