February challenge. Done

Somewhat belated.
I finally decided on a challenge for February. A simple one, but nevertheless, still a challenge for me.
The challenge: a haircut.

I visit the hairdresser as often as I visit the dentist. That is to say, not often. Not often at all.
Fitting in February’s challenge was very giri giri (cutting it fine).
The only time I have to visit a hairdresser is on the weekend, and most of my weekends have been taken up by snowboarding trips which involve leaving on a Friday night and returning Sunday night.
I was able to make the February challenge deadline by booking an appointment for Feb 28.

It turns out the last time I had been to the hairdresser was back in October 2012. Nearly 1.5 years ago!

Didn’t get a drastic change. Same style, but just a little shorter. Boring but safe. I didn’t walk away with a mullet so win-win. And the haircut was only about 35-40 bucks which is a bargain for a lady with super long hair (as it was without having had a haircut for so long).

February challenge done. Here’s the proof (although I am loathe to post up a selfie):

From haircut

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