BRB: Gone Fishing

I read this headline a couple of weeks ago:
“Mass oyster deaths leave Port Stephens industry and scientists shell-shocked”, to which I posted on Facebook (future generations, will one day ask “What is Facebook?”) with the comment: “I wonder how many mussels were pulled coming up with this headline?” This in turn, sparked a pun saga of monumental proportions. (I could have said the word “EPIC” then, but I thought I’d be pretentious instead).

I love a good pun. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a good pun. I just love a pun. But I do wonder about the state of journalism reporting when puns are used in news headlines. I always think it’s a little in bad taste.

If you love a pun or dozen…then read on.

[This is all true and real. It will forever live on my Facebook Wall. If you don’t believe me, friend me.
I have painstakingly cropped out/redacted photos and names. Any resemblance to any living person (or dead) is purely coincidental.]

From Fishing puns

Oh, I’m sorry. You mean to say you couldn’t read that.

Ok then….

From Fishing puns
From Fishing puns
From Fishing puns

We moved onto some Japanese food puns here (so if you’re not down with the Japanese lingo…you might want to enter into your search bar).

From Fishing puns

And back to the fish/nautical theme:

From Fishing puns

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