2014: 12 months, 12 challenges

One month down. Another 11 to go.

This year, I thought I’d set myself 12 challenges or goals/achievements/stuff I want to do, one for each month.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (subject to change):

January – Polar Bear dip. DONE
February – Get a haircut. DONE
March – Try as many new recipes as possible in the month (submitted by Jess), do the Color Run
April – Photo Project – complete as many photo projects as possible from the 52 Photo Project Book (submitted by Em)
May – Visit a new country (ticket is booked!)
June – 8km island crossing Guam open water swim (airfare is booked)
July – 10km ows race, Paddle mix ows race, sit JLPT exam – level N1
August – Tsugaru Channel Relay swim crossing (August or September)???
September – Murakami triathlon???
October – 15km ows race????
November – Full marathon run???
December – Sit the JLPT exam – Level N1 (aim to pass)

I need a challenge for February!!!
Send me your challenge proposals!


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