Brunch at Peninsula Hotel: Dom and Pavlova

Been a while since I’ve done a brunch review.
This was a celebratory brunch back in December of last year. It was a much needed celebration after a month of crappiness (think police, compensation and exams to boot). I got myself into a bit of pickle last year, but that’s another stay for a time when I have left the country. Best to retell that story once I’m out of Japan.

It was time to indulge and nothing says indulgence more than all-you-can-eat brunch AND all-you-can drink Dom Perignon!

The Peninsula Hotel’s Peter restaurant offers this brunch menu on Sundays only (so book in advance).

The brunch experience is unncessarily complicated, but the free flow champagne is definitely a bonus.
One of many glasses:

From Peninsula brunch

Let the brunch begin:

From Peninsula brunch

Salads and appetizers are buffet style. Easy. Knock yourself out.

From Peninsula brunch

In addition to that you can order a whole bunch of other dishes. All these dishes are all you can eat as well, but you need to order a la carte and each dish is literally a mouthful portion. So the waiting time is a little longer every time you want to order food. However, it also means that the table is full of tiny plates of bite-sized dishes:

From Peninsula brunch
From Peninsula brunch
From Peninsula brunch

The variety and quality is pretty good though, but it was rather slow service. This is definitely a slow leisurely brunch, so you better not make plans afterwards. This is a 2-3 hour eating ordeal.

The highlight here is the dessert buffet. They sell honest to goodness real Pavlova. Wow. Gobsmacked. It was damn delicious. It tasted like home. If you don’t know what pavlova is, in a word, it’s “divine”. A giant meringue nest topped with fresh fruit and cream.

From Peninsula brunch
From Peninsula brunch
From Peninsula brunch

Would totally go back there just for the pavlova.

Brunch here was very good, if not a little convoluted. Considering it’s the same deal as the Ritz Carlton, you’re better off going to the Ritz Carlton. (Just realised that I haven’t blogged about that…so I must get around to doing that. I have a huge backlog of blog posts to do! This thing called “work” is really cramping muh style.


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