Wifi Romance

Gone are the days of a ring in a champagne glass to pop the big question.

There are many novel and interesting ways to propose, but wowzers, I saw one that took me by surprise the other day.
Welcome to the 21st century! Digital proposal – via a wifi network!

From Wifi proposal

I think that takes the cake for romance killer.

People always talk about looking for a “connection” when it comes to relationships, but a “wifi” connection is not the kind of connection that came to mind.

So yes, I saw this for real on my iPhone! Whilst in Sydney. I took a screenshot on my iPhone.
I captured this at Sydney airport, of all places, as I was boarding my flight back to Japan.

I wonder if the password for the wifi access was “Yes”??!!
Sadly, I didn’t try entering that in.
But most likely “Access Denied” — which sums up my lovelife (or lack thereof) in general.
Well, at least I got broadband!


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