I am soooo behind on updating this blog with the goings on of my life.
Not enough hours in a day. This year more than ever, I am so behind on things. I have a neverending to-do list and not enough time. Not enough hours, not enough weekends! How is it July already.
I have so many photos to sort through. It’s getting a little out of hand. I am almost tempted to buy another computer just to hold all my photos, despite the fact that I own half a dozen HDDs.

Here is a brief post, albeit belated one.
A restaurant that had my sitting on my list for a while but wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good. More for novelty rather than anything else. Finally got to check out Gonpachi – the restaurant that was the inspiration for one of the scenes in the movie Kill Bill (which I admittedly haven’t seen).

It’s an izakaya restaurant but extremely touristy, mostly filled with foreigners. And they definitely cash in on the novelty.

From Gonpachi
From Gonpachi
From Gonpachi
From Gonpachi

The hallway entrance has a wall full of photos of all the celebrities and famous people that have dined there, including actors, musicians, former presidents etc.

The food was better than I expected it to be. Was surprisingly decent…portions were small and a pricey. Not the most value for money venue but if you’re a tourist in Tokyo it’s an easy option. Japanese-style dining, novelty factor, and very foreigner friendly (English speaking staff, menu etc, so no language barrier hassle).

The yuzu mojito was definitely a winner. I have a bit of a thing for yuzu.

From Gonpachi

And the food whilst decent, was not the most filling nor value for money.

Had me some asparagus and bacon. That’s how you get kids to eat their greens: wrap it in bacon!

From Gonpachi

Fried prawn gyoza with a lot of crispy noodley thngs that kind of scrape the inside of your mouth:

From Gonpachi


From Gonpachi

A very small unappetising pizza:

From Gonpachi

This fish is awesome. Love me some cod:

From Gonpachi

The upstairs dining booths:

From Gonpachi
From Gonpachi

Tick. Done. Don’t plan on going back there….well, maybe on someone else’s dime.


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