Burn progress pics

It’s been just shy of two weeks since my burn accident.
I’m surprised with how fast my skin has been healing. That’s not to say that the scars are going to fade anytime soon. I think I’m going to have scars for a few months.

I burnt myself on June 12, and a week later this is what my arm looked like: I had no skin:

From Burn progress

It was just red raw – and it hurt. Super sensitive to movement and especially painful to get it wet. Made showering very difficult.

From Burn progress

The area around the burn felt like it had been badly bruised.

This is how my thigh looked, one week after the burn incident:

From Burn progress

And this is what it looked like with cream applied liberally to it:

From Burn progress

I’ve only had to go to the hospital once in the last week. I have to go back again sometime this week for another check up.
I’ve been using prescribed creams. I’m on my third different cream now.

The skin on my arm is healing really well. It’s looking less raw and I can fully immerse it in water.
This was about 3 days ago:

From Burn progress
From Burn progress

And this is how it looked about 30 minutes ago (today):
It now has skin!

From Burn progress
From Burn progress

And this is how my thigh looks today:

From Burn progress
From Burn progress

Hope the scars will fade eventually. Pretty unsightly.

If you’re going to burn yourself though, make sure you do it at work. Workers Comp all the way. I haven’t had to pay a single yen for half a dozen hospital visits, medical treatment and prescription creams etc. It has been surprisingly easy to do consider I had to fill in the forms all in Japanese (my written Japanese is worse than a 3 year old) and do all the hospital visits on my own.

Hopefully will be back swimming soon. I haven’t been able to hit the pool for the last two weeks whilst my body has been trying to repair new skin.


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