Tokyo Brunch: Sujis

Hooray for Friday. This week has flown. Last brunch review for this week is of Suji’s in Azabu Juban. This was the first place I ever did brunch at in Tokyo and my least favourite. Yet it seems popular amongst Tokyoites with differing tastebuds. Considering I’ve had way better brunch at other places, I probably wouldn’t recommend this place. It’s not that it was absolutely terrible, I’ve just had better. At the time (July 2010), it was the first time I had brunch in Tokyo so, of course, I went the traditional hot breakfast. Toast, eggs, bacon, potatoes and pancakes – a good combination of breakfast favourites. I think I ordered the best thing on the menu.

From Sujis brunch

Someone else ordered the eggs benedict (I think Beacon’s does the best).

From Sujis brunch

I really liked the egg yolk and egg white salt and pepper shaker.

From Sujis brunch

And pancakes are also on offer, which did not look at all appealing to me. Something like this would be the last thing I would want to stomach. Way too much blueberry concoction on top.

From Sujis brunch
From Sujis brunch

Suji website here. Tabelog entry here. It surprisingly gets a high rating over there.


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